The Lessons

The method for how I teach during the lesson has been established from many trial and error attempts at improving a vast variety of players ranging from all calibers of skill.

I take a detailed step by step process to make sure you succeed in a way that works best for you.  After verbally discovering who you are as a gamer, I evaluate where you stand from watching you play in a normal draft game all the while providing you tips and pointers.

We then follow along a path that I see fit based on what areas you need to work on organized in order of importance. This can be either verbal discussion on a specific topic or even ranked where you could possibly go up against some of the best players in NA (I do also have an EU West account).  

I may even present a unique challenge at one point (The Caitlyn Challenge), as one of the best ways to learn is through example and what better way to challenge yourself than laning against me.  

This may be on/off stream and is up to PhantomL0rd's discretion.

Most players report gaining at least 100-200 ELO after a few days/weeks of taking a lesson!


 Lessons are currently only available to subscribers on  I am currently testing lessons with multiple students in order to get more of you lessons. Thanks. PL <3


Marius T:

"At first, i did this to play with PL. Because i know i am a bad learner, struggeling with concentration ect. but ofc i was hoping for the best.
But at the same time, i wanted to be better at League of Legends, because i want to become a pro. 
But despite my belives in not being able to learn, i was proven wrong. I learn everything i needed to learn, so i could be a player, Phantoml0rd saw my mistakes, which i wasnt able to point out myself. 
I started at 1380something raiting when i first had my lesson, now (1 day after) i have 1540 raiting!
I recommend this to all players who takes this game seriously and want to gain elo! 

Matthew E:

"I'm not going to bullshit or drag this out. I had several issues with my League gaming skills and thought processes, Phantom managed to quickly identify them, grind them out of my head, and then give me homework to make sure they stayed gone. I can't say enough about the experience, it was a blast, and I feel truly elevated my gameplay immediately. God I sound like an infomercial. Now I just feel cheesy. Screw it, I'll end on that note."

Cody G:

"Fantastic service. I have had a few lessons from a a few different services and in my experience phantoml0rds is the best. It has the most structure, the most fun and you truly learn alot. The amount i improved in just 2 hours was simply amazing. Great job keep it up phantom."