------------------------------------- Class of June Sign-up ---------------------------------------

Class Description:

Students in the League 101 Class will receive a solid foundation of training through basic, advanced and non-league related subjects. Including: understanding your goals, equipment, the secret to success, warming up, mentality, map awareness, in-game exercises and demonstrations, team-building, communication, game-play analysis over stream, answering questions and much more.

With over 450 students taught and 3+ years experience playing League in the top 1%, I have collected valuable information and discovered effective teaching methods that I personally guarantee will make any individual succeed in obtaining their goals.

As an added bonus students will also gain access to my private twitch channel where they can watch all future classes that are streamed and previous broadcasts that are saved. This assures there is always a source to learn from.


Saturday 06/07/2014 - 6:00pm PST / 9:00pm EST

$20 - 4 Hours - 10 Students - NA Server


This class is currently full.

Check back here or on Facebook/Twitter for announcements on the next class.